Chassis Dynamometers

Portable MD-AWD-500

12.625" Rolls, 190-mph, 3,000-hp, 1,800-hp Peak Absorption, 2WD or AWD Modes

Portable MD-AWD-500 - Mechanically linked AWD PORTABLE performance dynamometer

With the Portable MD-AWD-500, you have a portable drag strip that can handle just about any 2WD or AWD car on the street. Equipped with a drag racing timing system, multiple displays, and Mustang’s DragSim software, the portable MD-AWD-500 is sure to draw large crowds where ever it appears.

One thing is for sure, a dyno draws big crowds when it shows up at an event. There is something about watching the wheels spin and listening to an engine at full throttle that captures people’s attention. Add to that actual drag racing times, reaction time results and a virtual animation of the car racing down the strip or street and you’ve got yourself some serious racing entertainment.

Mustang’s top-of-the-line portable chassis dynamometer is the Portable AWD-500 Series dynamometer. No other dyno offers all of the benefits of a Mustang AWD-500 dyno in such a tightly-engineered portable package.

Mounted inside of a flatbed trailer, the portable AWD-500 is easy to trailer to and from events and can be set-up by a single operator. This is the ultimate portable dyno. Great for promotional events, dyno sharing arrangements or as a traveling dyno for trade shows or car show events.

Like the standard AWD-500, the portable version can test both AWD and 2WD vehicles and can switch back and forth with a simple click of the mouse. With added  displays, a drag racing timing system and Mustang’s DragSim Software and you’ve got yourself a portable drag racing strip that is dead nuts accurate, extremely repeatable and a real crowd pleaser.

Portable AWD-500 Features Include:

  • Weather-proof cover with snaps
  • Single or dual eddy current PAUs
  • Integral vehicle restraint system
  • Integrated power generator and air compressor systems
  • Mounting hardware for TV monitors and drag race timing lights
  • Optional DragSim Software displays real-time virtual drag racing scenes
MD-AWD-500 Portable Series
Max Horsepower: 3,000 hp peak measurement capacity AWD mode
Max Absorption: 900/1,800-hp peak absorption (SE/DE model)
Loading Device: Air-cooled eddy current power absorber (model MDK-250)
Inertia: 2,152 lbs. / 1,190 lbs. (nominal)
Max Speed: 190 mph (2WD Mode) / 150 mph (AWD Mode)
Controls: Closed Loop Digital Controller with WindowsXP based PowerDyne Software. Includes Patented Virtual Road Simulation Technology (RST)

Precision machined and dynamically balanced, knurled rolls

Belted for bi-directional capability

12.625” diameter balanced rolls

31” face length

18” inner track width

80” outer track width (98” optional)

88-118” standard wheelbase (longer wheelbase available)

Transmission: Heavy-duty, industrial-fiber belt drive with mechanical disconnect
Roll Decelerator: Allows vehicle deceleration without use of vehicle brakes. Eddy Current PAU used to decelerate rollers.
Air Requirements: 80 PSI, dry, regulated, oil free
Power Requirements:

115 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 15 Amps (computer)

230 VAC, single phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amps (dynamometer)

230 VAC, three phase, 60 Hz, 40 Amps (DE model)

Axle Weight: 6,000 lbs. maximum 1 axle
Shipping Weight: 9,000 lbs. (dynamometer weight only)

Portable Chassis Dynamometers

Portable Chassis Dynamometers
2011 Mustang Dynamometer Portable Chassis Dynamometer Series Brochure.
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Hardware/Accessories Catalog

Hardware/Accessories Catalog
Dynamometer Hardware & Accessories Catalog
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PowerDyne Manual

PowerDyne Manual
Detailed User's Manual for Mustang Dynamometer's PowerDyne PC Software.
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