Promotional video produced by NATRIP showcases MAE-supplied vehicle saftety lanes

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A new promotional video has been produced by Natrip, showcasing the MAE-supplied saftey lanes installed at the Jaffirbond campus, in Silchar, Assam, India. The video can be viewed here:


Three major projects announced

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MAE made three major announcements today:

MAE Awarded Contract To Supply Complete Turnkey Test Stand For The U.S. Army’s Vehicle Innovative Powertrain Experimental Research (VIPER) Facility

MAE Awarded Contract To Supply Complete Turnkey End-of-Line Test System for RWTH-Aachen University’s Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Production Line Mustang Awarded Contract To Supply 8 x 8 Mobile Tow Dynamometer to Wanshan Specialty Vehicle Co.

MAE Awarded Contract To Supply 8 x 8 Mobile Tow Dynamometer to Wanshan Specialty Vehicle Co.

Details and press releases for all three projects can be found on the Project Spotlights section of the MAE website.

MAE awarded contract to build an Advanced R&D Dynamometer for plug-in electric vehicles

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An electric vehicle on the MAE-AC-4000 Chassis DynamometerMustang Advanced Engineering announced today that it has been awarded a contract with an anonymous electric vehicle manufacturer to build an advanced research and development dynamometer for plug-in electric vehicles.

The advanced research and development dynamometer is built for testing plug-in electric vehicles. The engineers at MAE designed this dynamometer to leverage the precision of 4 independently-controlled AC motors, each coupled to its own set of rollers, to control the load to each wheel independently.  This setup allows test engineers to exert unprecedented control over testing conditions.

Mustang Advanced Engineering also designed the custom dynamometer to be as future-proof as possible. With a variable wheelbase that ranges from 80-146”, the R&D dynamometer will be ready to fit nearly any design the engineers decide to research and/or develop.

The design consists of several custom modifications to MAE’s standard AC-4000 product, which comes standard with 4 independently controlled AC motors, and an integrated ABS Brake Tester. The AC-4000 also utilizes automatic vehicle restraints for increased testing throughput and efficiency while ensuring the test vehicle remains safely in position on the tester.

Chief Engineer and VP Donald Ganzhorn has been pleasantly surprised with the reception of the AC-4000 since its introduction in May of 2011. “The AC-4000 is one of the most versatile dynamometers we’ve ever designed. Built for efficient, accurate and powerful end-of-line validation testing, the AC-4000 also is an excellent solution for research and development labs.”

MAE Awarded Contract to build Advanced R&D dynamometer for electric vehicles

MAE Awarded Contract to build Advanced R&D dynamometer for electric vehicles
MAE to supply Advanced R&D dynamometer for electric vehicle development


Mustang Awarded Contract To Supply Complete TurnkeyTest Stand For Testing Bell Helicopter OH-58C/D Kiowa and Kiowa Warrior Helicopter Transmissions

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Helicopter Transmission Dynamometer

Mustang Advanced Engineering (MAE) today announced that the company has been awarded a contract to supply and install a new test stand capable of testing the OH-58C/D helicopter main gear boxes and tail rotor gear boxes for the U.S. Military. The contract calls for MAE to deliver a turn-key solution which includes interfacing with existing and/or new facility utilities including, but not limited to, electrical power, lighting, compressed air, ambient air, HVAC, filtering, domestic water, cooling water, heat exchangers, facility utilities, concrete, and switchgear.

The test stand will be configured with three AC variable speed dyne motors, all directly coupled to the test articles and configured in a common bus arrangement to allow the electrical power to be re-circulated within the system. This drive configuration offers significant power savings over the life of the test stand and provides a true next-generation “green” test stand.

The three AC motor system includes a power package that produces up to 8,509 lb-ft of torque at speeds up to 6,200 rpm, capable of meeting or exceeding the various DMWR requirements of the U.S. Military.

In addition to the main test stand, the turnkey systems will be supplied with an oil cooling system, fixturing and quick-connect test article mounting systems, torque disc calibration systems, MAE’s TRANSdyne Control Software and a comprehensive data acquisition package.

“Mustang is extremely pleased to have been selected as the supplier of choice for this advanced helicopter gear box test stand,” said David Ganzhorn, V.P. Sales. “Our decades of experience with sophisticated transmission test stands like this one was a key to winning this important contract and we are anxious to roll up our sleeves and start working on this exciting project.”

Mustang Advanced Engineering, an operating division of Mustang Dynamometer, is located in Twinsburg, Ohio where the company has been based since 1986. Mustang Dynamometer offers an industry leading line-up of high performance dynamometers and related products. Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading supplier of advanced, custom engineering testing and measurement systems.

MAE News Release - Helicopter Test Stand

MAE News Release - Helicopter Test Stand
MAE to supply test stand for OH-58C/D Kiowa Warrior Transmission to Fort Rucker.
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Mustang Delivers AWD AC Dynamometer to The TORO Company.

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AWD AC dynamometer
Mustang Advanced Engineering today announced that the company has delivered and installed another of its state-of-the-art AWD AC motor chassis dynamometers to The Toro Company.



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Mustang Advanced Engineering today announced the addition of The ECOSTAR Emission Measurement Systems to its test cell products portfolio. The ECOSTAR System is a new range of modular gaseous and particulate measurement devices that meet world-wide laboratory-grade requirements. The addition of the all-new ECOSTAR product line enables Mustang to provide turnkey emissions test cells (engine and chassis dynamometer) with certification-grade analyzers and dynamometers at a fraction of the price of competitive systems in the market.


Mustang Introduces Its Latest Generation Of Portable Vehicle Safety Inspection Lanes.

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Mustang today announced the introduction of its latest generation of portable vehicle safety inspection lanes for comprehensive safety audit testing of light and heavy-duty vehicles in the field.


MAE Delivers Turnkey HD-AC/EC-150/250 In-line Transmission Dynamometer System to Red River Army Depot

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Red River Army Depot transmission dynamometerMustang Advanced Engineering today annouced that the company has recently delivered and installed a turnkey model HD-AC/EC-150/250 In-line Transmission Dyno to Red River Army Depot.


MAE Set To Deliver End Of Line Test Stand for Full Electric Vehicle Final Assembly Testing.

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A car on MAE's AC-4000 Series DynoThursday, May 12, 2011 – Twinsburg, Ohio – Mustang Advanced Engineering announced today that it has completed production at its Twinsburg Assembly Plant for an All-Wheel-Drive End-Of-Line AC Chassis Dynamometer and ABS Brake Tester designed to test new full electric vehicles as they come off the production line. (more…)

Mustang Introduces LDU-40 Universal Transmission Dyno

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Mustang Advanced Engineering's LDU-40 Universal Transmission Dyno

Mustang’s latest product innovation for automotive transmission repair and remanufacturing professionals is the MAE-LDU-40, a universal transmission dynamometer that represents the most advanced, next-generation dynamometer for testing automatic passenger car and light truck inline and transverse transmissions.

Mustang designed the LDU-40 to specifically address the short-comings of the standard transmission dynos found in the market today. The result is a transmission dynamometer that is more easily adaptable, more accurate, more user friendly, with a more flexible software and data acquisition package, and most importantly, is more sensible from an economic standpoint. (more…)

Ohio Governor John Kasich Visits Mustang Dynamometer and MAE Headquarters

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Ohio Governor John Kasich Speaks at Mustang Dynamometer

Ohio Governor John Kasich Speaking at Mustang Dynamometer's World Headquarters



APRIL 28, TWINSBURG — Gov. John Kasich visited Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering’s world headquarters in Twinsburg, Ohio to announce and discuss a plan to cut Workers’ Compensation rates by $65 million.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator and CEO Steve Buehrer, along with State Representative Lynn Slaby joined Gov. Kasich in Mustang’s new 31,000 square foot expansion for the announcement. (more…)

Mustang Introduces AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series Chassis Dynamometers for Cost-Effective Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Development Testing.

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AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series Chassis Dynamometer

Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering today announced the introduction of the Company’s latest new series of products, the AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series Chassis Dynamometers. With the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle segment growing at such an astonishing rate, Mustang has developed the AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series to provide an ultra-fast responding, highly-accurate and sophisticated HEV and EV R&D dynamometer that is both cost effective and loaded with advanced testing and simulation capabilities. The AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series dynamometers were designed as pre-certification development workhorses, capable of testing both 2WD and AWD hybrid and electric vehicles with wheelbase as short as 66.5-inches and as long as 146-inches. (more…)

(UPDATED) Mustang Completes 31,000 sq.ft. Twinsburg Assembly Plant Expansion

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MAE Awarded Contract To Supply Mileage Accumulation Test Cell For Testing Motorcycles And Off-Road Four-Wheeled ATVs To Environment Canada.

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Mustang Advanced Engineering today announced that the company has been awarded a contract worth approximately $500K to supply a complete turnkey mileage accumulation test cell including an AC motor chassis dynamometer, robot driver, and a pre-engineered modular sound abatement dynamometer test cell to Environment Canada.


MAE to Deliver Modular Electric Vehicle Test Lab Equipped With A New 48″ Roll AWD Chassis Dynamometer to Southern California-Edison

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MAE Delivers AC Chassis Dynamometer to California Air Resouces Board for Motorcycle & ATV Emissions Certification

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MAE delivers a 48″ Heavy-Duty Truck Chassis Dynamometer With Dual Independent AC Motors to The University of California – Riverside

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MAE awarded contract to supply a state-of-the-art AWD 48″ MIM chassis Dynamometer system to The University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Vehicle Technologies (CAVT)

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