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Pontiac GTO of Brandon Large at In Tune Autoworks

Vehicle: Pontiac GTO
Power: 308 HP / 314 TQ
Owner: Brandon Large
Dyno: MD-250 Series
Dyno Shop: In Tune Autoworks

Mitsubishi Evo VIII of Mike Binkowski at DynoTech Tuning

Vehicle: Mitsubishi Evo VIII
Power: 446 HP / 385 TQ
Owner: Mike Binkowski
Dyno: MD-AWD-500 Series
Dyno Shop: DynoTech Tuning

Toyota Supra of Nathan Egli at Midwest Hybrid, LLC

Vehicle: Toyota Supra
Power: 700 HP / 700 TQ
Owner: Nathan Egli
Dyno: MD-1100 Series
Dyno Shop: Midwest Hybrid, LLC

Dodge Charger R/t of Dave at Ranken Technical College

Vehicle: Dodge Charger R/t
Power: 282.9 HP / 315.3 TQ
Owner: Dave Martin
Dyno: MD-500 Series
Dyno Shop: Ranken Technical College

Dodge Charger of Steve Engelman at Mustang HQ

Vehicle: Dodge Charger
Power: 289 HP / 315 TQ
Owner: Steve Engelman
Dyno: MD-250 Series
Dyno Shop: Mustang HQ

Dodge Challenger of Jeffrey Wheeler at Mustang HQ

Vehicle: Dodge Challenger
Power: 296 HP / 323 TQ
Owner: Jeffrey Wheeler
Dyno: MD-AWD-500 Series
Dyno Shop: Mustang HQ