Chassis Dynamometers


2WD Series

Mustang Dynamometer offers a complete line up of 2WD performance dynamometer to meet your performance tuning needs. From low-profile models like the Gladiator and MD-250, to large roll systems like the MD-1750 or MD-1100, Mustang offers...


AWD Series

Mustang Dynamometer offers the broadest line of All-Wheel-Drive chassis dynamometers in the industry. Mustang’s AWD dynamometer feature mechanically-linked front and rear roller sets and advanced eddy current load control...

AWD Series Models Offered:

Cycle / Quad

Taking motorcycle and ATV performance tuning to the next level.

Cycle / Quad Models Offered:

Heavy duty

The industry standard for tandem-axle heavy duty truck chassis dynamometers, and premier diesel fleet maintenance chassis dynamometers.

Heavy duty Models Offered:


Mustang has an exciting range of portable chassis dynamometers for those who are interested in taking their performance testing, simulations and tuning operations on the road.