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Mustang Introduces MD-ScooterDyne.

Friday, April 29th, 2011

New for 2011, Mustang introduces the MD-ScooterDyne, a specially designed dynamic loading eddy current chassis dynamometer for scooter and moped testing and tuning. The new dyno incorporates twin 6-inch rollers and a 15-hp (11 kW) eddy current power absorber with load cell to apply and measure road load simulation for proper tuning and performance evaluation of scooters and mopeds.

The MD-ScooterDyne is capable of measuring upto 35-hp (26 kW) at a top speed of 110-mph (175 kph). The eddy current PAU provides required loading capabilities to properly tune and simulate road load driving conditions for scooter and rider combinations up to 500 lbs.

The MD-ScooterDyne’s low-profile and cradle roll design makes loading and unloading scooters and moped safe and simple without the need for unnecessary ramps or wheel clamps. Weighing only 90 lbs, the MD-ScooterDyne is mobile and easily transported and sets up in minutes.

The MD-ScooterDyne comes complete with Mustang’s powerful PowerDyne Control Software. A complete data acquisition package allows you to graph RPM, AFR, temps, etc.

Complete systems include MD-ScooterDyne with eddy current PAU and load cell, PowerDyne Software CD, 8 Channel Data Acquisition Package.

For more information, Please contact a Mustang Factory Sales Representative toll free at 1-888-468-7826.

Ohio Governor John Kasich Visits Mustang Dynamometer and MAE Headquarters

Thursday, April 28th, 2011
Ohio Governor John Kasich Speaking at Mustang Dynamometer's World Headquarters

Ohio Governor John Kasich Speaking at Mustang Dynamometer's World Headquarters

APRIL 28, TWINSBURG — Gov. John Kasich visited Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering’s world headquarters in Twinsburg, Ohio to announce and discuss a plan to cut Workers’ Compensation rates by $65 million.

Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Administrator and CEO Steve Buehrer, along with State Representative Lynn Slaby joined Gov. Kasich in Mustang’s new 31,000 square foot expansion for the announcement.

“Ohio has so much going for it — location, a trained workforce, infrastructure, and an installed manufacturing base. We’ve got to get our costs down to be more competitive, and workers’ comp rates are an important place to start,” said Kasich.

Gov. Kasich spoke to the employees of Mustang Dynamometer, Mustang Advanced Engineering, and other local business owners about the rate cuts, explaining that the cuts would help small businesses and workers thrive in Ohio by reducing costs.

When asked why he chose Mustang Dynamometer as the location to unveil the new plan, Kasich said, “All these companies, these are where the jobs are in this state, and the announcement today gives them another ray of hope that things are coming back a little bit.”

Gov. Kasich took a brief tour of Mustang’s facility along with Dean Ganzhorn, President and CEO of Mustang Dynamometer, and Eser Manav, Vice President of Operations, before speaking to the audience.

“Governor Kasich is a businessman, and we are honored to host him at our world headquarters,” said Dean Ganzhorn. “We commend his efforts to keep small businesses and workers employed in Ohio.”

Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading provider of comprehensive testing solutions for the development and testing of engines, powertrain systems and complete vehicles. Founded in 1975, Mustang has long been a trusted source of expertise in measurement and testing technologies for the global industrial market. World-class product offerings, custom design support and technical assistance, backed by a dedicated factory service team, has positioned MAE among the global leaders in providing advanced testing solutions.

Governor Kasich fields questions from the media after speaking at Mustang's Headquarters

Governor Kasich fields questions from the media after speaking at Mustang's Headquarters

Dodge Charger R/t of Dave at Ranken Technical College

Monday, April 18th, 2011

I ran my 5.7 Hemi Charger 5 speed auto with K & N cold air intake, functional ram air hood & Diablo 94 octane tune on Mustang Chassis dyno. I ran in 4th gear and started at 3,000 RPM. Unfortunately at a little over 5,000 RPM and 142 MPH the motor quit pulling WOULD NOT MOVE RPM OR MPH so I lifted…2nd pull I started in 3rd gear @ 3,000 RPM and at a little over 5,000 RPM I heard something & rear end of car shifted a little right then immediately heard another noise and car shifted a little so I lifted and it turns out I broke both of rear ratchet straps to rear of car so…….the motor was a little warm and I did not wanna torture my family car & I’m not sure which run the data sheet is from

Mustang Hosts The Tuning School

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Mustang recently played host to another successful GM Beginner’s Tuning class at our Twinsburg, OH facility on April 16-17, 2011.  Special thanks to Bob and Ian from The Tuning School and everyone who attended the event.

The next Tuning School event, a GM Advanced Class, is scheduled to be held on May 21st & 22nd at The Tuning School’s facility in Odessa, Florida. Please visit for more information or to register to attend.

Live EFI Tuning Seminars - April 16-17

Live EFI Tuning Seminars - April 16-17
April 16-17, 2011 -The Tuning School will be holding live two day EFI Tuning classes at Mustang's Twinsburg, Ohio HQ. Register to attend this live Beginner's GM Tuning School Event. Download details all relevant information about the event including Date and times, class description and information on how to register.
555.84 kB

Mustang Introduces AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series Chassis Dynamometers for Cost-Effective Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Development Testing.

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

The AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid

Mustang Dynamometer and Mustang Advanced Engineering today announced the introduction of the Company’s latest new series of products, the AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series Chassis Dynamometers. With the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle segment growing at such an astonishing rate, Mustang has developed the AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series to provide an ultra-fast responding, highly-accurate and sophisticated HEV and EV R&D dynamometer that is both cost effective and loaded with advanced testing and simulation capabilities. The AWD-500-AC/EC Hybrid Series dynamometers were designed as pre-certification development workhorses, capable of testing both 2WD and AWD hybrid and electric vehicles with wheelbase as short as 66.5-inches and as long as 146-inches.

A mechanically-linked roller system synchronizes the front and back roller speeds to simulate a flat, dry road condition. Synchronization, or linkage, insures that the front and rear rollers are always spinning at precisely the same road speed when in AWD Mode, thereby eliminating the possibility of activating a vehicle’s traction control system and insuring that a vehicle’s torque management system is operating under the assumption that the vehicle is not skidding, turning or slipping.

The AWD-500-AC/EC Series incorporates an AC drive motor and a powerful air-cooled eddy current power absorbtion unit to provide the perfect combination of precision, power and economy. Systems are available with AC Motors ranging from 100-hp up to 600-hp and with one or two air-cooled eddy current PAUs for extended testing and to meet the needs of your testing applications.

The AWD-500-AC/EC Series provides a cost-effective design and enables quick development cycles for performing intitial hybrid and electric vehicle calibrations, traction system motoring, regenerative braking and limited traction conditions using road load and federal drive cycles, electric power systems analysis, HEV/PHEV/EV controller development, efficency testing, fuel consumption testing, and other complete vehicle or sub systems simulations.

Mustang Advanced Engineering, an operating division of Mustang Dynamometer, is located in Twinsburg, Ohio where the company has been based since 1986. Mustang Dynamometer offers an industry leading line-up of high performance dynamometers and related products. Mustang Advanced Engineering is a leading supplier of advanced, custom engineering testing and measurement systems.

Dodge Charger of Steve Engelman at Mustang HQ

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Stock 2006 Dodge Charger with Mopar Cold Air Intake and Diablo Predator 93/Perfromance tune.

Dodge Challenger of Jeffrey Wheeler at Mustang HQ

Monday, April 4th, 2011

Stock with Mopar cold air intake


Friday, April 1st, 2011