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Offering our clients a world of testing solutions and technical expertise.

Mustang is the dynamometer of choice for serious performance tuners and aftermarket product developers for a reason: they know the facts. Fact is - in order to get the best tuning results, you need a dyno that applies an accurate load, like the car would see on the road or track. Other dynos don't compare and will give higher horsepower readings to try to impress.

But if the power you thought you found on your dyno wasn't based on actual real-world loading, chances are it won't be there when you need it at the track. The best tuners and power product developers in the world know the facts: Mustang Dynamometer is the most accurate and reliable dyno because it provides real-world loading and precise control.

Get Serious about performance tuning - get a Mustang Dyno!

Some of the best performance tuners in the world use a Mustang Dynamometer for its unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use. Automotive performance tuning is both an art and a science -- a discipline that demands the quality and precision that a Mustang Dynamometer provides.

In addition to an industry-leading lineup of chassis dynos, Mustang also offers a complete line of engine and vehicle component test stands through its sister division, Mustang Advanced Engineering. Mustang’s ED Series Air-Cooled Eddy Current Engine Dynamometers are the answer for most engine testing applications due to their excellent stability, responsiveness, accuracy and testing range. Unlike similarly-priced water brake systems, the ED Series offers reliable, steady state control.

Known as the Best - By the Best

Over the past 30 years Mustang Dynamometer has built and sold more dynamometers than all of the other manufacturers combined. The reason is simple - we help make our customers more successful. Mustang has perfected the art and science of vehicle loading and dynamometer control and has a complete lineup of performance tuning products. From emissions testing to performance tuning, Mustang provides accurate results you can rely on.

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